This national derby between neighboring Western European effete arseholes hung in the balance through the half, then petered out to nil-nil in the end. Which is not to say Fabien Barthez didn't make things interesting with some characteristically questionable punches. Perhaps he was emboldened by his luck due to the post saving his Evangelista ass in the first half.

BOOOORING. So what do we talk about? What else? Zinedine Zidane. Zizou's magical, mystical maestro's comeback amounted to very little apart from a few inspired runs and a speculative ball or two. But still. That story? Euro 2004? Who else? Who else could have done that?




First and foremost: Shouts to Mingus Dynasty, Dizzyheads everywhere, DK Entourage and ArtHur.

Creme de la Blue and Creamers knew to check for Emmanuel Adebayor in this one. The right chance didn't fall for the new Kanu/young Arsenal star, but Kader Mohamed was there to pick up the slack. The sending off of skipper Jean-Paul Abalo proved decisive, as Lee Chun Soo converted a gorgeous free kick from the spot of the foul and the lack of an extra man contributed to the space Jung-Hwan Ahn was provided to size up the winner. Yet another long-range beauty.

The roundest ball yet strikes again.