The old baby-on-the-corner trick.

Not gonna fall for that sh*t.

Don Rodriguez is quite fond of the mixtape, but c'mon.

As someone smarter than the Don quipped, if you say real talk, I probably won't trust you.

Please say the baby, I guess:

Lil' Wayne - "Crazy"

Yeah, that shit I hated.
Like early '90s, late '80s,
I was hustlin' as a baby,
you can ask Evil Street [?]
about me, I'm a G.

Back in the studio and do the REMIX!

Every time they shoot a shot, it's like, swizz.

Don Rodriguez and myself only wish that either player, Maradona or Messi, after an ecstatic, orgasmic goal like that, allowed their respective egos to run slightly wild in celebration, beating their chests, you know, sort of like they were King Kong.

[We haven't been able to make a tripartite joke work yet. But we're always looking for the opportunity.]