"The Third Rail of German Politics"

"...its crashes are singularly horrific."

In honor of the impending arrival of one German whom I suspect may brag about how fast he can get from Hamburg to Berlin (in his mutter's Porsche, no less), I direct your attention to this Times piece from today.

Okay, and maybe for this obvious, but obviously irresistible line:

"Car connoisseurs from around the world flock to Pfaffenhausen, a one-horse town where the local company, Ruf Automobile, makes cars with many horses."
Sounds like a variant on a soon-to-be written Juelz Santana lyric.

WATCH: Juelz Santana namecheck Baraka [sic] Obama. Still, it's great he knows who dude is.

Maybe Juelz is just psyched to see Charlie from The West Wing hit on a white girl in The Dutchman. Aren't we all?