Come and talk to me.

[Forgive me:] Just press play.

Don Rodriguez exists for days like this. So excited is he about this momentous meet & greet that he just can't wait to tell you a few things that you may or may not have known about these two "living legends."

  • Diddy enjoys recycling his “I had the dopest paper route” story.
  • Diddy can’t say the word “intern.”
  • Diddy cannot be called Diddy in the U.K. because someone else there is called Diddy, and won a legal right to the name.
  • Rio Ferdinand is the world’s biggest Jodeci fan.
  • Rio Ferdinand is the “most expensive defensive footballer in the whole wide world.”
  • Rio Ferdinand smells of Diddy’s cologne. He has a bottle in his bathroom. He is peeved that he was made to pay for it.