Good to see you, good to see you, good to see you.

Don't call it one.

Could it be I've stayed away too long?

I've missed so many things over the past few, but this most especially. Not promising drops on the daily, but certainly with more regularity. Apologies to those who've put up with proto-blog-posts-as-group-emails, which were only occasionally funny, possibly offensive, surely annoying. All football-related obsessiveness has once again found a home, albeit with a new name.

Topics you may encounter here, perhaps with photo accompaniment:

  • Football, futebol, fútbol, calcio, a little bit of Fußball, maybe some voetbal and le foot, and now that Beckham's gone Hollywood, some soccer, however grudgingly.
  • Music. Rapping. Rappers. Rap words. Rap deeds. And those of R. Kelly, which defy categorization.
  • Film. Books. Maybe People Who Build Buildings and the Buildings Themselves.
  • Language(s), spoken, written, garbled, translated, interpreted.
  • Espresso. It's fantastic.
Welcome. You will probably learn something about something you don't particularly care about. Enjoy.