Dear Australia,

I'd post something about Ukraine, but this was too good to pass up. Courtesy of of the Sydney Morning Herald letters section, via Football365.com:

Just wanted to drop you all a note of condolence on your World Cup exit. Although you were never really good enough to be there in the first place, as one of our foreign outposts we think you did quite well and, most importantly, represented your Queen admirably. So, well done, little colony.

'On the upside though, now at least your long-haired, scruffy, unclean teenage masses can all return to London to resume their minimum wage jobs, serving us thirsty English boys warm beer, just in time for the games on Friday and Saturday. Good timing, really, because as everyone agrees, the real tournament starts now that only the real footballing teams are left.

'Well, chin up, anyway, pickpockets, and I suppose it's back to stealing your mothers' ironing boards and heading to the sea to try to dodge those hungry sharks. How sweet. Best regards and God save the Queen.

'Paul Kaynes West Sussex (England)'

And because England's such a hit with the B'n'C faithful, we present Young Wayne meets Diddy for your viewing pleasure.

Someone Has To Answer For This

Forget De Rossi's elbow, Grosso's dive, Totti's celebration, and Gattuso's face (please). This is inexcusable. Let an Italian come at me with that "we ain't greasy" yang again. I'm talking to you, Pirlo.

People Get Ready Pt. II

Got Your City On Lock

Big faces, big places.

People Get Ready

Lambo, Hear Them Fans Blow

Whoever said Germans were humorless? This is hilarious.