The Re-Up

Scoundrels + last refuge for one

Step To, Step To
Nigh time to remove "Coup de Boule" from your empeethree device, it is. Weltmeisterschafts, Mundials, Copas -- all over. Weeks have past. Legacies have been brutally burnished. Children have been apologized to. Frenchmen have unashamedly reinforced their nation's greatest musical cliches. (Marco Materazzi: Not dead...yet.) Cristiano Ronaldo had sex with the Queen of England, winked at the bitch, then got her sent off. Gary Neville was disappointed with him. Italy got relegated. Jose Mourinho got a haircut (more on that...later).

Most importantly, lovers got married.

But you're right...It's been a long time. We shouldn't have left you.

Without a dope link to Zidane's homepage. Still feelin ya, homie.