You can read (for my money) ESPN's best announcer's views on this subject (at least based on the Champs. Lge. -- don't know if he's doing any games Stateside. Hit me up @ blueandcream@gmail.com or something & lemme know. Or, that Skypetonite: I BE ON THAT ALL NIGHT, MAN I BE ON THAT ALL DAY. YOU CAN FIND ME IN THE HANSEATIC CITY OF HAMBURG) but hey, this is my ish, so I'll speak on it deuce.

A nonevent for 80 minutes, especially the nongoal "scored" by the Japanese (which should have been disallowed for two distinct fouls on the 'keeper) but the last ten minutes were quite special, especially when surrounded by a hundred or so Aussies suffering in the Hamburg heat. Tim Cahill's goal was really, really well-taken, under pressure (well, he was in the center of the box, but the Japanese didn't close down quick enough), and it's another case of the Everton man rescuing his underachieveing team at the death.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi.